"Sustainable investing will be a core component for how everyone invests in the future. We are only at the early stages”

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Redefining sustainable impact investments and their returns, while reducing risk.



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ICA provides expertise in impact finance, assisting businesses and communities to access finance for positive impact projects and investments. ICA prepares the project for credit, ensuring that they collect and present credible information on the positive socio-economic and/or environmental impact the project will have. ICA will assist in the collation and presentation of socio-economic and environmental data to qualify the project for positive impact finance.

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ICA provides independent expertise to the finance sector to perform impact due diligence assessments on projects seeking to access positive impact finance. Banks and other financial institutions can appoint ICA to perform socio-economic and environmental due diligence studies on these projects, reporting the expected impacts the project could make. ICA also offers impact reporting, whereby ICA will provide ongoing impact analysis of projects to the funding financial institution.

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Our goal is to solve for the lack of finance available to businesses and communities that generate positive environmental or social impacts. One of the main reasons for the lack of access to finance is collateral and guarantees, key risk mitigating factors for finance providers and investors. Most projects that make positive environmental impacts are often funded by NGOs or by other corporates – a strategy that is not sustainable in itself. The problem with NGO funds and donations is that they are not endless and require constant topping up of funds. Once those funds are used, they are for all intents and purposes, spent.

We invest funds in such a way that they can be recycled and reused. Instead of directing the funds straight to the projects. We seek to unlock finance for projects that typically would not qualify for finance, or at least only qualify for 'expensive debt' and would usually rely on donations and fund raising.

"Through the project finance, equity or investments we take on, our aim is to achieve natural and social capital growth with sustainable financial returns. "

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Brett Wallington

Impact Capital Africa Brett Wallington

From a young age, Brett has been passionate about wildlife and the care of the environment. After completing high school in Johannesburg, Brett went on to study a Bachelor of Science in Ecology, Environment and Conservation. Specialising in large herbivores and land resource dynamics, Brett completed his postgraduate studies at Wits University, publishing his research in the Journal of Wildlife Research.

After a short stint in the UK where he was contracted to play cricket as an overseas semi-professional in Leicestershire, Brett returned to his roots to be a guide at Londolozi Game Reserve in the Sabi Sands. After nearly three years of guiding, Brett made his way to Johannesburg where he increased his knowledge in sustainability in its various forms, qualifying as a Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioner (CSAP) in early 2011.

Brett joined Wilderness Safaris in May 2011 and was an influential member in leading Wilderness’ progress towards adopting the 4Cs approach to sustainability (Commerce, Conservation, Community and Culture) throughout the company, with Brett also coordinating the efforts to improve Wilderness Safaris Environmental Management Systems (EMS). Brett was also the leader and valued member of the team that authors the Annual Integrated Report, overseeing the final publication of the report and the compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Brett later moved onto running the USA and Latin American markets, highlighting sustainability as key value proposition in Wilderness Safaris.

Brett later moved to Standard Bank, Africa’s largest bank, where he was tasked with challenging the understanding of sustainability in the financial sector and establishing a new system by which the bank and its multiple and diverse business units measure success. After just under four years, Brett founded Ubuntu Wilderness with Greg Ovens and the rest is history.

Caroline Wallington

Impact Capital Africa Caroline Wallington

Caroline is a vibrant and passionate systems ecologist and environmental scientist with both academic training and practical experience. She has a B.Sc. Honours Degree in Botany (University of Cape Town), an M.Sc. Degree in Environmental Science with Distinction (University of the Witwatersrand) and is a SACNASP registered Professional Natural Scientist in Ecological Science. In addition to her research and academic career, she has six years’ experience in the Environmental Impact Assessment industry where she specialised in wetland ecology, biodiversity management and land rehabilitation. However, the teams she has worked with have been inter-disciplinary by nature as they involved assessing the social, economic and environmental aspects and impacts of projects such as rural developments, largescale mining, rehabilitation and conservation initiatives.

Caroline has gained an understanding of the deep complexity around sustainable development within an African context and therefore become particularly passionate about social-ecological systems, resilience and complexity thinking for managing and conserving our natural and cultural worlds. Therefore, she is very excited about being a part of the Impact Capital Africa team in search of truly impactful, inclusive and practical African-based solutions to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and more.

David Lawrence

Impact Capital Africa David Lawrence

David’s early career was spent as an Economist at the Chamber of Mines (South Africa), subsequently working for the office of the Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister.

He joined Citibank (South Africa) in 1977 eventually becoming Chairman and Managing Director. In 1987 Citibank’s business was acquired by First National Bank and it became FirstCorp Merchant Bank where David held the position of Managing Director.

David joined Investec in 1996 as Managing Director, Corporate and Investment Banking and is currently a non executive Deputy Chairman of Investec Bank Ltd and Chairman of Investec Bank Mauritius Ltd. He is also a director of a number of outside companies including JSE Limited.



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